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About Mike...

Like most of us, Mike Lair has worn many hats over the years—husband, father, small business owner, teacher, and coach, to name a few. A loving husband and the father of two grown children, Mike has worked a variety of jobs over the years to support himself and his family. He has been a farm hand, a construction laborer, and a gas station attendant, and he knows the difficulties many families face in making ends meet. After owning a small business with his wife Jeanne for seven years, Mike understands the burdens of government regulation and higher taxes.

For the past 38 years, Mike has been teaching social studies in both public and private schools. Mike has worked hard to teach our young people about the importance of history, ensuring that they understand and appreciate how America’s unique political system operates and how important it is for them to participate in it. After many decades in the classroom and on the football field, Mike knows firsthand the vital role that teachers, coaches, and parents play in the life of every child and how the education they provide will largely determine a young person’s ability to be successful members of society.

When it comes to leadership, Mike Lair has plenty of experience. Whether it was as a coach, the head of the Bishop Hogan Memorial School Board, Chairman of the Social Studies Department at Chillicothe High School, or federal grant administrator for the Teaching American History Project, Mike has proven his ability to lead and make the tough decisions that will continue to help move Missouri forward.

Mike is life-long hunter and fisherman and is involved in a number of organizations, such as the National Rifle Association, the Missouri Farm Bureau, and the National Council for Social Studies. He is a member of St. Columban Catholic Church. Lair has lived in Livingston County with his family for over 20 years. Mike and his wife, Jeanne, have two children, Jillian and Trevor.